Pregnancy Massage : Is it really Helpful ?
9 December, 2020 (Mangsir 24, 2077 B.S.) by

Pregnancy, the most beautiful 9 months of a women’s life. It’s the period that determines the health of both the mother to be and the baby. Dreaming about her newborn, talking to the baby, buying cute clothes, beautiful baby crib, creating an unbreakable bond even before the baby is born, pregnancy is all about these beautiful moments.

Apart from its beauty, Pregnancy also has a lot of struggles for the mother to be during the baby vessel construction inside her body. It’s the phase when a women goes through most changes physically and emotionally. The center of gravity for her body changes, body aches, dis figuration, hormonal changes, its a period when a women craves for care, love and support.

There is no better way to show a mother to be the care, love and support you have for her than giving her a pregnancy massage. There are a lot of benefits of pregnancy massage both to the mother to be and the child. 

Pregnancy Massage Benefits for the mother to be::

  1. Reduced anxiety, stress and emotional downfalls, as pregnancy massage releases happy hormones.

2. Promotes Relaxation which results in reduced Insomnia and Fatigue.

3. Relief from Muscular discomfort at neck, back and lower back, calves and the body as a whole.

4. Hormonal balance inducing calmness and pain management naturally.

5. Increases blood circulation resulting in pushing out toxins from the body of both the mother and baby.

6. Unburdens the load from the heart keeping hypertension at bay.

7. Less birth complications.

8. Increased flexibility to the joints and muscles.

9. Provides emotional support to expecting mother generated by human touch.

10. Balance in the hormone level minimizes the chances of newborn complications.

11. Reduced Swelling of hands, feet and ankles.

12. Promotes overall wellness.

Pregnancy Massage benefits for the baby

  1. Enhances baby’s health both emotionally and physically.

  2. Increased circulation

  3. Reduces instances of newborn complications.

  4. Positively enhances baby’s mental and emotional health.

  5. Promotes overall wellness.


 Please inform our therapists about your running month. Avoid Pregnancy Massage if you are on or above eight months.

Avoid Massage if you have serious pregnancy implications or premature labor in previous pregnancy.

Avoid Massage if you are bleeding.

Avoid Massage on the first trimester i.e first 12 weeks and after 8 months.

When should I get pregnancy massage and how often? 

Pregnancy Massage should be best taken from 13th week to 8th month of pregnancy. It can be taken once a month or according to the need of it.

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