Naturopathy Clinic - For Your Mind, Body & Soul

Chaitanya Wellness Spa is now Chaitanya Health & Wellness. We have now improved with Naturopathy Clinic Center where you can consult and get treatment with our Wellness Consultant Dr. Rakshya. We will help you to take better care and refresh your body, mind and soul with newly added services and treatments - acupuncture, acupressure, physiotherapy, diet consultation and many more.

The Wellness Center is facilitated by traditional, contemporary, and natural forms of therapy under the constant and competent supervision of expert naturopathic physicians. Our trained and experienced therapists ensure that every visit to our world-class spa is a unique experience for our patrons. Staying true to ancient tradition our treatments and procedures aim to satisfy the Indriyas making for a harmonious balance between Panchamahabhuta, leading you to a state of ‘Chaitanya’.

Indulge yourself at the exotic luxurious Chaitanya, and satisfy your senses with Pampering, Invigorating, Exfoliative, Detoxifying, and Revitalizing treatments drawn from ancient medical traditions. We endeavor to bring you the best of modern amenities coupled with centuries-old healing techniques, giving you a feeling of eternal youth, vigor, and beauty. Come to us and discover a new YOU!

What we value

Our Values

Life has always been blessed with ever coming unique experiences. Such experiences help us to broaden our knowledge of understanding urging us to contribute more of ourselves for better enhancement in lifestyle and surroundings as well. In a process, sometimes, we undoubtedly feel the need of energizing the self both internally and externally.

It is time now to address such a mass of people to encourage them to spare some moments of their life schedules to maintain a balanced body, mind, and spirit for leading a healthy lifestyle.

We intend to bestow our expertise to help you explore a beautiful you in a healthy body, mind, and spirit through our therapeutic touch.

Feel the heavenly retreat always with a unique experience at “Chaitanya”.