Kid’s massage: Know It All
4 February, 2020 (Magh 21, 2076 B.S.) by

Childhood is the most active phase of life where every child is engaged in constant activities such as playing, jumping, running doing every mischievous things one can imagine. This is also the phase which actually shapes the mental and physical development of any person. Massage is beneficial for any age but as childhood is the developing phase, massage can be even more helpful for kids.  Massage can offer a series of health benefits for kids. As it is human nature to feel affection in touch, massage has the power to positively stimulate the body and helps in growth and development.

Some of the benefits of massage are as follows:

Helping in weight gain:

Some children struggle in gaining weight. Regular massages can release growth hormones in kids giving necessary aids in weight gain.

Helps in stress and anxiety release:

Stress and anxiety can hamper your child’s mental health and can also be a trigger for many health problems such as asthma, diabetes, obesity, depression to list a few. Regular oil massage helps in lowering and finally erasing stress and anxiety problems.

Stimulates Cognitive Development:

Massage allows the Children to stimulate the construction of thought processes, including remembering, problem solving, and decision-making. According to a research made by dependable sources, in a research, children who received massage everyday performed better in IQ, solving math problems, reasoning and decision making.

Stimulates Motor Development:

Children will be developing their motor (movement) skills as they grow. Massage helps ease tension and pain in developing muscles that make motor skills possible.

A kid’s massage is the best thing you can gift your child. 

Invite your child to discover a world of well-being under the guidance of a trained therapist. Specifically designed for children, this oil massage provides gentle pressure to the scalp and body, improving your child’s quality of sleep, soothing the nervous system, and strengthening immunity. Kids massage uses soft and gentle application of pressure on the child’s body along with medicine-herbal oils that will boost up your child’s state of mind and release stress. Regular massage has also been found to increase the concentration power in kids.

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