Trekkers / Travelers Massage Therapy

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    What is Trekkers/Traveller’s Massage therapy?

    This massage therapy is specifically designed to help relieve pain and discomfort caused due to long travel or trek. Basically, it is a mixture of different massages like Thai Massage for stretching, Swedish massage for strokes and vibration, and Shiatsu for opening knots and releasing toxins. In assistance to that warm oil helps in blood circulation and hence ease tenderness, swelling and helps to fight the allergies.


    Benefits of Trekkers/Traveller’s Massage Therapy

    ·         People who have frequent long travel, tours, and trekking may experience joint pain, numbness, and stiffed calves, feet, shoulders, and neck. This therapy alleviates the pain resulting in achieving painless and energetic body afterward.

    ·          It helps to soothe dry skin and fight different allergies that might trouble you due to the travel.

    ·         Its helps to loosen the muscles, helps promote healthy blood flow and so rejuvenate the body with new level of excitement & energy.

    ·         Helps to release tenderness, joint pain, and muscular tension

    ·         Helps in smooth liquid circulation in the body

    ·         Mood enhancer

    ·         Better Sleep

    ·         Better appetite



    Duration 60 Mins or 90 Mins or 120 Mins