Kid's Massage Therapy (5-13 years)

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    Kid’s Massage Therapy


    Kid's Massage nurtures the young with gentle and soft pressure with warm oil. The warmth of the oil and friction applied in the body can help heal the wear and tear of the soft tissue.

    ·         It helps the development of bones and muscles in their body. And most basic is framework and posture of the body.

    ·         It actually helps inducing the appropriate quality sleep to the children. Promote appetite in the body and helps alleviate anxiety level.

    ·         And from aesthetic value it adds hydration to the skin making their skin looks gentle, soft and flawless.

    ·         Massage is a wonderful stress-buster for children.

    ·         Reduction in stress and stress hormone levels.

    ·         Happier and in a better mood.

    Duration 60 Mins or 90 Mins or 120 Mins