Trekker’s and Sports Massage
15 December, 2021 (Mangsir 29, 2078 B.S.) by

Trekkers and Sports massage is a form of treatment that is very helpful to trekkers and athletes for preventing soft tissue injuries. This massage is a combination of Ayurvedic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Stretching which is very helpful in preparing your body for your trekking or sport session and to ease your muscles from the sports & adventure activities you have gone through shortly. Trekkers Massage specializes in loosening up the body and building flexibility. This massage has the benefits of all three massages, i.e.  Ayurvedic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Stretching.

Benefits of Trekker’s and Sports Massage:

1. Trekker’s and Sport Massage prior to your trekking or sport adventure helps you to protect your muscles from possible muscle injuries caused by the strain in muscle.

2. This Massage makes your muscles tender that’s helps the muscles to adapt in all strains and difficult conditions.

3.Vigorous exercise ad long tiring trekking schedule tears down the muscle fibers, leading to an immune reaction i.e. inflammation. Massage after the strain caused by sports and trekking helps to heal the body faster. It even keeps muscle inflammation at bay. One research has shown that massage after exercise releases a hormone that activates the mitochondria of the cells, revitalizing the whole body.

4. This massage helps the muscles to adapt to the demands of increased physical activity.

5. It helps to concentrate on your next adventure giving you back your relieved body and calm mind.

6. Stretching used in this massage adds to your flexibility which is very important for trekkers and sports person.

7. It helps your body to recover from the trauma it has been through.

8. Trekker’s and sport massage makes you experience three massage types in one session. You will be able to experience ayurvedic massage, deep tissue massage and stretching massage.

Before you get a Trekker’s and Sports Massage:

1. Notify the therapist about your health conditions and your health issues clearly.

2. Avoid massage if you have open wounds, infections and cold.

3. Swellings, fractures, skin infections, or bruises should not be massaged.

4. Seek medical advice before having a massage if you suffer from phlebitis, thrombosis, varicose veins, severe acute back pain, or fever.

5. Lumps and swellings should be checked by your doctor.

What’s the specialty of this massage?

This massage includes a special session for your feet that helps you release your trekking strain and let go of your pain.

What’s the best time to take this massage?

This massage can be taken both before and after trekking and sports involvement. Book for an appointment right after your trekking or sports involvement or 1-2 days before that.

It’s recommended to take this massage both before and after your trekking and sports expedition.

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