Traveler's Massage : Live every moment of your trip.
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Planning to travel to Kathmandu? Travelling is one of the most amazing feeling that one can possibly experience. Travelling seems like escaping life for a while but in reality travelling makes us explore our lives and actually blocks life from escaping us.

Travelling is undoubtedly one of the life’s most extravagant pleasures, but still it’s not impeccable from the situations that can turn your most beautiful travel experience to a nightmare. Jet lags, travel hangover, stiff joints can completely change the scenario of what you had imagined your travel would be like.

Well there is nothing to worry about, Chaitanya Spa has a long used travel stress releasing massage specially designed for travelers like you. Travelling is worthwhile when you can be a part of wherever you go and that’s possible only when you are in the right state of your body, mind and soul. Chaitanya spa’s traveler's, massage makes your travel look completely effortless.

There’s no doubt that travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures—but it can often turn into a nightmare. The moment you step outside of your home en route to your grand adventure—anything goes—whether you’ve planned for it or not. To ensure you remain in top form to deal with the inconsistencies that may occur, you’ll need to take extra-good care of yourself—before, during and after your trip. Here are some tried-and-true tips for on the go well being.

Benefits of Traveler's Massage:

 1. Special Massage technique that include both dry and oil therapy to handle the tension built up in the muscles and joints due to the long flights and travel.

2. Travel massage gives you relief from Jet Exhaustion and jet lag making you ready for your next adventure.

3. The stretching used in this massage adds to your flexibility and gives you a higher level of relaxation.

4. Massage helps you to recover from travel related stress caused by the rush, planning, packing and travelling. Traveler massage include a calming massage session to make you get over your stress.

5. Your body accumulates viruses, bacteria and toxins due to exposure to various environment, pollution, change in weather-surroundings and contact with many people. Getting a massage doesn’t only removes the toxins but also helps to release the anti-bacterial components of the body that protects you from falling sick.

6. Travelling takes a toll on your body be it any form of travel, sitting for a long period of time in one position is a torture to your body. You might even experience knots and tight spots built up in your body right after your travel. Massage helps to to loosen you up as a whole, breaking down the tight spots and giving your body the ultimate relaxation it needs.

7. Travel massage right after your flight and before your trip is the secret of making your trip the most fantastic one. With your stress level dropped down and your energy level boosted up, you can actually enjoy your trip better. With a Travel Massage, you will feel the perfect balance of body, mind and soul.

Before you get a Traveler's Massage:

1. Book for an appointment right after your travelling and before your trip begins.

2. Notify the therapist about your health conditions and your health issues clearly.

3. Avoid massage if you have open wounds, infections and cold.

4. Massage of the abdomen, legs, and feet should not be given during the first three months of pregnancy , If you are pregnant, inform our therapists about your trimester so that you receive the massage technique best for you.

5. Cancer patients are best treated by specially trained practitioners who know which areas to avoid and which kind of massage is appropriate.

6. Swellings, fractures, skin infections, or bruises should not be massaged.

7. Seek medical advice before having a massage if you suffer from phlebitis, thrombosis, varicose veins, severe acute back pain, or fever.

8. Lumps and swellings should be checked by your doctor.

When Should I take a Traveller’s Massage?

Its best to take Traveler's Massage right after your travel and before the trip whereas you can also take traveler's massage after your trip.

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