Thai Massage: A gift from Thai Healing
1 September, 2020 (Bhadra 16, 2077 B.S.) by

The world-renowned Thai massage is an ancient Thai art of healing that uses pressure points that tap into the body’s energy meridians to promote good health. This 2500 year old massage is ethnic combination of yoga & deep massage that aligns the energies of body. Thai massage helps release tension, improve blood circulation, and free the body from toxins. It consists of a bundle of assisted yoga postures releases the built-up pressure from body. Physically, it helps to uplift the flexibility of body, mentally it works as a stress-buster that reprograms the mind filling you with happy and positive thoughts.

Thai massage is conducted with the clients wearing comfortable clothes.

Thai massage does not use oil, it’s a dry therapy.

Benefits of Thai Massage

● Improvement In Posture, Circulation, & Flexibility  

Thai massage includes postures and positions that are a part of practicing yoga: improved posture, increased circulation, and greater flexibility. Thai massage loosens and elongates muscles, resulting in lower muscular stress on various parts of the body. At the end of Thai massage, it will make you feel thoroughly relaxed, loose and de-stressed.

● Pain Relief

In various surveys conducted, Thai massage has been proven to be beneficial for a number of chronic muscular pain and join pain conditions. The applied pressure technique used in Thai massage pinpoints areas of built-up muscular tension. Thai massage targets specific areas with applied pressure, to release tension so that muscles may be further manipulated effectively. Medicine also target trapped nerves, making it highly beneficial in alleviating muscle spasms. Acupressure techniques and principles are used to target key energy points in the body, which correspond to the wider anatomy.

● Increased Flexibility and Mobility

A Higher level of flexibility can be achieved from thai massage that will assist in mobility during daily life chores including exercises. The flexibility and Mobility will influence healthy living.

● Energy Boost

Thai massage unblocks the energy flow of the body that assists in invigorating you and rejuvenating your body, mind and soul. Blocked energy from stress, injuries, or diseases may sometimes result as pain, fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Unblocking the flow and keeping it constant can contribute to better mobility, a clearer mind, and more energy to do the things you love.

● Lowers Blood Pressure

The applied pressure technique used in Thai massage helps in improving blood circulation. The stretching and applied pressure technique both work internally to lower down the blood pressure. It helps to release lactic acid in the body that aids in richer and healthier blood flow.

● Indirectly Controls the Sugar Level

Thai Massage indirectly helps to control the Blood Sugar Level. Diabetes is disease that requires good circulation in order to maintain healthy body and Thai massage is a perfect solution to receive improved blood circulation.

● Stress Reduction

Thai Massage is the ultimate relaxation provider that reduces the stress and induces mental repose to a great extent. Thai massage reduces the cortisol levels (stress hormone) induces happy hormones making the results clear regarding stress levels.


● It should not be taken by people who are extremely weak or infirm.

● It should not be applied during pregnancy.

● It is not suggested for the cancer patients.

● It should be avoided in client who have recent back injury like herniated disk and osteoporosis.

● Not recommended for cardio-vascular patients.

● It should be strictly avoided if you had had a recent surgery.

● Massage shouldn't be done over bruises, inflamed or weak skin, unhealed or open wounds, skin rash, tumors, abdominal hernia, or recent fractures.

How often should Thai massage be taken?

Thai massage is recommended to be received once every two weeks in initial sessions and once a month later when the body becomes more flexible.

In case of chronic pain, the massage can be taken once a week as the relaxation in Thai massage lasts a week.

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