Chaitanya Herbal Harmony Massage (Potli Massage)
14 April, 2020 (Baisakh 02, 2077 B.S.) by

What is Potli Massage

This Special massage is normally done in the form of heated herbal pouches. Their aim is to bring a therapeutic effect on the body by relaxing, nourishing and rejuvenating. The compress is made of pure, unbleached cotton which is skin-friendly. The herbs used in the potli’s are clinically proven for their health benefits and when warmed, the heat works in providing an in-depth treatment. Herbal hot stamps, experienced hands and traditional acupressure technique make a perfect combination to take away aching and stiffness of your body.

How does Potli Massage Work?

Potli Massage is a therapy that uses double elements of Ayurveda: Fire and Water blended with herbs to give you a deeper relaxation and greater impact on your body. The heated pouches when is rubbed against the body, opens the pores giving the goodness of  herbs a pathway to reach deeper inside the cells giving the optimum relaxation to the aching, sore muscles. The potli massage don’t only help in comforting the body but also works on providing calmness to mind.

Benefits of Potli Massage

● Instant Pain Relief from aching muscles and stiffness in joints.

● Helps in losing weight naturally by aiding in building muscle and burning fats.

● Highly Recommended for people over 30 years of age as it prevents the chances of bone-weakening, vertebral issues and muscle depletion.

● Works magic on musculoskeletal illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis, frozen shoulders, osteoarthritis, paralysis and so on.

● Wide range of herbs available for potli massage makes it possible to choose from the list for treating the specific illness and body condition.

● A treatment to cure muscle stiffness and inflammation.

● Improves body Flexibility.

● Aromatic properties of herbs helps in balancing the mind.

● Detoxification at its best.

● Moisturizes and hydrates the skin.

Herbs used in the potli massage and the reasonings

● Ashwagandha Root - relieves stress, muscle strain and boosts sleep.

● Neem and Mustard - heals and detoxifies skin and body.

● Ginger and Turmeric - purifies the mind and body.

● Rosemary and Rice - eases out tensed muscles and stimulates blood circulation.

● Mint and Lemon - soothes headaches.

● Lemon and Orange - rejuvenates the body and mind.

● Onion and Aloe Vera to reduce soreness, swelling, inflammation and pain.

● Lavender and Cardamom to refreshing and calm down the body and nerves.

When to avoid receiving Potli Massage?

● Potli massage has a number of health benefits but if you are going through any of the following problems and issues, you should not take potli massage.

● If you have open wounds and cuts.

● If swelling persists on a certain part or parts of your body.

● If  you have recently gone through burns on your body.

How often should one take Potli Massage?

● In case of severe illness such as paralysis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, Potli massage can be taken once a week depending on the need and severity of the condition. In normal condition, the massage can be taken as often as once or twice a month.

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