Chaitanya - Health & Wellness is the Official Wellness Partner for the Best Airlines Award Nepal 2022
21 November, 2022 (Mangsir 05, 2079 B.S.) by
Ruven Shilpakar

We, Chaitanya - Health & Wellness are excited to announce that we are the Official Wellness Partner for the first-ever

SASTO TICKETS Best Airlines Awards Nepal – 2022 will be organized in HYATT PLACE Kathmandu on 13 December 2022. A jury of eleven members will vote for each nominee by giving numbers based on their choices and the highest voted in the category will win the title.

In this award, National and International airlines & their managers and CEOs can participate. There are no survey fees, no nomination fees, no payment to attend the award event, and no charges for any use of the award logos, official photos, and results by winners and participating individuals and companies.

Learn more about the event here 

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