Sauna Bath : Find Out Why Its A Favourite Therapy All Over The World
1 September, 2017 by
Sauna Bath : Find Out Why Its A Favourite Therapy All Over The World

Sauna bath is one such therapy about which much has been made of the health benefits, with good reasons. In fact, physically and emotionally, nothing is more reinvigorating, revitalizing and refreshing than a deep, healthy sweating every day. Tension fades, Muscles unwind. Mentally, we awaken relaxed, revived and ready for whatever the day brings. 

A few minutes per day is all it takes to look and feel completely different, better in every way. The body’s response to gentle, persistent heat is well-documented and proven day in and out by people and all over the world. Which is why more and more physicians including trusted doctors are recommending its purifying and proven benefits.


What is the working of sauna?

A sauna is typically a room heated to between 70 to 100°C. Saunas usually involve dry heat therapy but at some places even wet heat method is also applied. In dry sauna, humidity is around 10-20 percent whereas in Wet sauna, the humidity is higher.

How Sauna works?

Sauna raises the skin temperature to roughly 40°C. As the skin temperature rises, heavy sweating also occurs taking the heart rate to the roofs. The heart rate soars as the body attempts to keep cool. It is not normal to lose about a pint of sweat while spending a short time in a sauna.


  • Adjusts cardiovascular risk factors.

  • Increases Heart rate, blood vessels widen, improves circulation.

  • Reduces Muscle soreness, ease in arthritis pain and improves joint movement.

  • Promotes relaxation improving the feeling of well-being.

  • Flushes toxins.

  • Helps in weight loss.

  • Makes the immune system stronger.

  • Promotes social interaction.

  • Helps improve performance during endurance sports.

  • Makes hair look great.

  • Helps to recover from workouts.

  • Helps you look younger.

  • Releases stress.

Checks the emotional downfalls including depression, hunger, pain, it manages them and improves relaxation.

Did you know combining Massage with Sauna had huge benefits?

The main reason to combining a sauna with a massage session lies in the fact that when the muscles of the body are warm they become far suppler and therefore respond better to treatment. We have added sauna massages to our list of therapies due to the fact that guests relax more during a sauna massages than they do during ordinary massage sessions.

Sauna Facts:

All over the world, many professional athletes incorporate sauna sessions into their training program. Sauna aids the athletes in reducing water weight prior to weigh-in sessions, regular sauna massages are renowned for helping to speed up recovery time after the training sessions.

Sauna Massages when combined with stretching massages such as Thai massage and shiatsu massage, makes the muscles of the body more supple increasing the flexibility of the body. The stiffness accumulated in the body especially due to heavy exercise sessions or heavy physical activities breaks down. It saves the body from training related injuries.

The heat of a sauna session naturally has the effect of boosting up circulation and detoxifying the body. This process may be intensified when combined with particular forms of healing massage such as reflexology and hot stone massage.

Use of essential oils during massage with sauna allows the heat activate the ingredients of the essential oils stimulating their effectiveness.

Heat Massages and Weight Loss are inseparable.

Sauna Massage is a boon to those who struggling to lose weight. It has been documented that massaging on heated body breaks down the fat cells and reduces the cellulite.

In the countries like China, Korea and Japan, it is a common practice to use sauna and slap the skin gently with perfumed rags and large plant leaves so as to further stimulate circulation.

Precautions before and after Sauna:

1. Keep yourself hydrated, sweating continuously may lead to dehydration.

2. Wait for at least an hour after large meal to proceed sauna.

3. Take of the metal jewelry or accessories before entering the sauna room.

4. If it is your first sauna session, you are suggested to go for 20-30 mins, you can however increase the sauna duration upto 1 hr.

4. Despite the health benefits, People with cardiac problems, High Blood Pressure, Pregnancy must talk to their doctor before getting their first sauna session. It makes the heart rate high and patients with poorly controlled blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms and advanced heart failure or heart valve disease are advised to stay cool.

Sauna Bath : Find Out Why Its A Favourite Therapy All Over The World
1 September, 2017
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